Community Housing Expansion of Austin

Community Housing Expansion of Austin is the 501(C)3 nonprofit corporation which runs Sasona Coop and it's sibling coops. The Board of Directors is composed of 2 interested volunteers from each house as elected by their respective houses, and 1 non-member volunteer as elected by the CHEA membership. The board's responsibilities includes things such as the long term financial planning for CHEA, discussing long term maintenance plans, and keeping the houses legally compliant. The board is composed of various roles including a Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer, community Rep, and Member at Large. Board role assignment is determined as needed by the Board. Board representative terms are 12 months, unless board members step down early or are removed from office as the result of an officer review. Board Representatives can serve up to 3 consecutive terms, after which they must remain off the Board for at least 12 months before attempting reelection.Currently, CHEA consists of Sasona and La Reunion, however we are happy and confident to expand. For more info on CHEA, please visit C.H.E.A

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