Sasona Co-operative


Sasona Cooperative was founded in June of 2002 by a group of alumni from the College Houses and Inter-Cooperative Council student cooperatives in Austin. With the support and assistance of the campus cooperatives and the North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO) development consultants, they found a spacious house in the Zilker Park area of South Austin and secured a loan to make a down payment on the property.After two years of operation, Sasona Co-op joined NASCO Properties, a confederation of cooperatives across the United States. Joining NASCO Properties provided Sasona with increased financial security and stability. For more information on the great work done by NASCO and NASCO Properties, check out

Membership Perks

Members of the Sasona enjoy conveniences such as a home-cooked meal every day, a stocked kitchen, paid utilities, free laundry, internet access, and a TV room. You can't beat our location Sasona is walking distance from several major bus routes, numerous tasty restaurants, a movie theater, a used book store, a grocery store, several consignment shops, and some of the best nature spots in town. Sasona is a friendly, fun-loving community, where members enjoy family-style shared dinners, movie nights, hiking on the Green Belt, cooling off at Barton Springs, and various other house activities.


Sasona follows the Rochdale Principles of cooperation: We strive to create an open and diverse community in which all people and lifestyles are accepted and valued. Our Open Membership policy ensures that anyone interested in the benefits of cooperative living has the opportunity to live at Sasona. Prospective members must attend two house meetings before being accepted. This allows people to see the house and learn about how the system works before deciding if Sasona is right for them. Members democratically decide current and future house policy, review rent rates, and make any other decisions about the running of the house. House meetings are held each Sunday after dinner, where the agenda consists of items posted by members.

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